Renew & rebuild 2016

Our vision is to become a life giving community hub where families are strengthened and transformed lives transform the world.  We desire to be a body of believers whose love for God transforms our love for others, so that our influence is higher, our reach is further, and our impact is deeper than ever before.  On January 31, 2016 Pastor Bud laid out this vision strategy for Renewing and Rebuilding to that end.


Renew:  Our commitment and community impact

Rebuild:  The Foundations.  We will simplify and streamline activity for the next year while working to rebuild.  We will focus on the three areas below:

1. rebuild:  foundation stones

There are two foundational stones the church must be built on.  These are Evangelism and Discipleship.  

Evangelism is the very first action of the church after its' birth.  The very event in Acts 2 resulted in about three thousand souls saved and added to the church.  We will focus on personal evangelism as well as public and event evangelism.  That means each and every member must be trained and equipped to witness to people with the gospel.  In addition, we will diligently pray for and lead each member to gain the passion and determination to personally witness to people in their lives.

Discipleship is growing in spiritual maturity and Christ-likeness.  Each member will be trained and encouraged in daily personal time in God's Word and prayer.  We will also creatively facilitate regular study in the Scriptures, offer opportunities to serve together in team ministry, and enhance growth groups.  Spiritual growth is an absolute essential for each and every disciple.

2. Rebuild Structure

The structure of a church determines how it is organized.  Leadership, programs, involvement, communication, and how decisions are made are all parts of structure.  We will utilize a ministry team structure that allows for two very important priorities:  Spiritual Leadership and Spiritual Giftedness.  We believe that involving as many people as possible in ministry is both Biblical and necessary.  Each person is fulfilled as they discover their spiritual gift and ministry calling.  For more information on team ministry click here.

3. rebuild bridges

The Bible commands the church to be both salt and light.  In order for us to effectively touch people's order for us to show Jesus' character in every day order for us to love people as Christ loves us, we must build bridges into the community.  We will create opportunities to draw the people of our community to the church campus so that we can intersect with their lives.  We will also generate ways for every member to engage people with the love of Christ out in the community where they live.  Our thinking is...more bridges and less walls!