Team Ministry

At CrossPointe Community Church we are organizing into teams rather than committees to facilitate both effective and fulfilling God glorifying ministry. We believe that when people serve together they benefit from mutual strength and support. It also becomes a wonderful way to grow in Christ together.

What is team ministry?


Complimentary parts of the body working together in their God-called giftedness and areas of interest. Each team is made up of men and women who, while they utilize their own specific skills and passions, work together for the common goal of a distinct ministry of the church.


What are some of the benefits of team ministry?

It involves everyone in the church so that there are not just 20% of the people doing 80% of the work (and fun).

Everyone can serve in the area of their giftedness so they are most effective and most fulfilled. You are never happier than when you are doing exactly what God has purposed for you to do.

We are ensured that each ministry is following the direction of God because those serving on that team are growing spiritually.

Relationships are established with strong bonds of fellowship as people serve together on ministry teams. Our work is multiplied because we utilize the diversity, creativity, and giftedness of as many people as possible.

Enjoy browsing through our various strategies to get an idea of all the fantastic ministry that is going on at CPCC. Who knows…you may even see an area that interests you. There is a place for you!

CrossPointe Kids Ministry

Here at CrossPointe, we believe that children’s ministry is one of the most important ministries to the church. We welcome all children, from our precious babies up to our energetic sixth graders, to come and enjoy a morning of worship and learning of the Gospel.  At CPK we use Generations of Grace Curriculum. 

Generations of Grace is a biblically based, unified curriculum for children ages three to twelve designed to be used in multiple settings for the purpose of edifying teachers, evangelizing children and encouraging families. Every week, children in each age range learn from the same passage of Scripture in a way that is appropriate for their respective age levels. A unified curriculum enables families to discuss one passage together each week, reinforcing the lesson that children have learned in Sunday School. This unique curriculum is:

  • Biblically Driven—covering the Old Testament historical books, the life of Christ, the birth and growth of the church, and lessons from the book of Revelation.
  • God-Centered—magnifying God by studying His character in the pages of Scripture.
  • Christ Exalting—glorifying Christ as the pinnacle of God’s redemptive plan
  • Gospel Saturated—pointing children to Christ as the only way of salvation
  • Family Focused—uniting the family around the same passage of Scripture each Sunday and throughout the week

Generations of Grace is designed to magnify God by studying His character in the pages of Scripture. We can better understand who He is and how we are to respond to Him by studying how His redemptive plan has unfolded and how He has used men to accomplish His purposes. Over a three-year period, this curriculum covers the entire narrative of God's redemptive plan.

     Feel confident in knowing all children's volunteers have gone through a background check.

Check in for all children participating in the Children's Sunday School program is at the Children's information table in the foyer.


* On 5th Sundays, CPK grades 1st through 6th will be joining their parents during the service in the auditorium.  An age appropriate Generations of Grace family devotional will be available for the children at the children's information table in the foyer. If we have enough children's volunteers to staff the Children's Sunday School, Pastor Andrew, our preaching elder, will dismiss those children to their classrooms with a CPK leader just before the sermon to go the 2nd floor of the Admin. Building. Parents are to pick them up from there promptly after the service. 


*3 Years through Kindergarten will start in their new room on the 2nd floor of the Admin. Building.

*Newborn's to age 3 years will be in the usual place for nursery, through the yellow door in the Edu. Building. 


* We need volunteers to serve in Children's ministry. If you are interested please contact Danielle Taylor. If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Taylor at the CPCC office or through her E-mail at


nursery through kindergarten ministry

Nursery (0 to 3 years) Education Building, Yellow Door

Infants and Crawlers

What can be better than knowing your precious little one is being loved and adored on? In our nursery, we have dedicated volunteers that cuddle and love on babies in a safe and baby safe environment.

As a part of our nursery program, we offer an exciting play area just for your confident walker and toddler! Our volunteers love to play and interact with these rambunctious toddlers while also offering them a time of biblical learning through short stories and hands on, sensory toys to reaffirm their learning.

PreK Programs (3 years through Kindergarten) 2nd floor of the Admin. Building

Our preschoolers and kindergartners have an amazing opportunity to learn about the gospel through a fun and interactive class. Many of our leaders have experience working with this age group offering exciting games, crafts, songs, and most importantly, stories through the Bible. 

For mothers who want to keep their babies with them during worship service, we have a cry room available on the balcony level of the Worship Center. This room includes privacy for nursing, diaper changes and rocking a fussy baby, all while being able to listen to the service below.

Elementary ministry

Our Elementary Ministry serves children in 1st-6th grades during Sunday morning services on the 2nd floor of the Admin Building, located in the building northwest of the Worship Center building.

The children will start with music worship time with their parents in the auditorium. They will be dismissed just before the sermon.


Our Children’s Worship Hour program, taught by dedicated teachers, are Bible-based times of singing, Bible lessons, crafts and Bible memorization. The lessons are designed to help your child learn and grow in God’s Word and apply it to their everyday lives.




CrossPointe adults, youth, and especially parents are encouraged to partner with this ministry by volunteering!