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  • Adult Sunday School  9 am Room 101

    “Your Dynamic Heart in Daily Life” Series

    Taught by Pastor Matt Silva

    Sorry, No childcare available during this hour.

    There will be a break during the summer months.



    What does it mean to be a Christian? Common answers to this question can be contradictory and confusing. Is Christianity simply an ethical system or a set of doctrinal beliefs? In Union with Christ, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson surveys one of the Apostle Paul’s favorite phrases to describe the essence of the Christian life: being “in Christ.” This twelve-part teaching series explores what it means to be “in Christ” and how these two simple words can reshape our entire existence.


    Come Join Us to learn more about what it actually means to be “In Christ”. This Study starts Wednesday, March 31, 2021at 6:00 PM in the Ice Cream Shop. 

    Class ends June 23rd.

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