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Thank you for your interest in receiving counseling through CrossPointe Community Church Biblical Counseling Ministry. Our counseling strives to be conscientiously and comprehensively Christ-Centered and based on Scripture. This involves understanding the nature and causes of our human difficulties. It also involves understanding the ways we are unlike Christ in our values, aspirations, desires, thoughts, feelings, choices, attitudes, actions and responses. Resolving life's difficulties includes being redeemed and justified through Christ, receiving God's forgiveness through Christ, and acquiring from Christ the enabling power to replace inappropriate patterns of life with Christ-like behavior.

CrossPointe Community Church  has been blessed by its church body to be able to offer counsel, free of charge, to anyone who calls. With that said, priority is given to our church members/attenders.

To begin the counseling process with our ministry, please complete the digital form below as thoroughly as possible. Upon receipt of your Personal Data Inventory (PDI), we will assign a counselor when one is available. Please give us at least 48 hours to respond to your request. 

Your assigned counselor will contact you to set up a meeting time and location that is convenient for both parties. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at 

With all His Energy,

CPCC Counseling Team

Please Note: If you are not a CrossPointe Community Church member/attender and want to be put on the member/attender list, this can happen by beginning to attend CrossPointe Community Church. We would love to have you, and our counseling “success” rate is significantly higher with those who are from CrossPointe than those who are not.


Meet our counselors

  • matt silva

    Pastor Silva serves as Elder of biblical counseling at CrossPointe. He is also the director of CrossPointe's Counselor In Training Program. Matt  graduated with a Masters of Divinity from Trinity Theological Seminary in 2012 and has a Doctor’s of Ministry degree (with in an emphasis in Biblical Counseling)  at The Southern Theological Seminary.  He is a Level 2 ACBC biblical counselor. Matt has been happily married to Erin for 20 years. Matt and Erin have four children: Kaitlyn, Elijah, Colin, and Makayla.  Pastor Silva works full-time as a Clinical Laboratory Supervisor at Mercy Medical Center. Matt was called to CrossPointe as an Elder in 2020.

  • chuck mellen

    Pastor Chuck has been a member of CrossPointe since 2016. He graduated from Christian Heritage College in 1983, majoring in Counseling, after 4 years in the Navy in San Diego. Chuck married Linda (Beck) in 1981 and, after further schooling, rejoined the Navy.  After retiring from the Navy, he has been working on his Master's degree in Biblical Counseling and also working through the Counseling and Discipleship Training offered through the ACBC program.  He is the church administrator, which includes the managing of the church finances. He also volunteers his time teaching. He is available for counseling / discipleship as the need arises. Chuck was called as an Elder in 2017.

  • andrew scott

    Pastor Andrew serves as the preaching and teaching Elder at CrossPointe. Andrew and his wife, Hannah, have been happily married and faithfully serving the Lord together since 2001. Hannah joyfully serves in the music ministry at CrossPointe. They have been blessed with five children (Kara, Selah, David, Eva, and Emma), and are often found on the local soccer fields or biking/hiking trails. Andrew graduated in 2014 with a Master of Divinity degree from Faith Baptist Theological Seminary and in 2018 with a Doctor of Ministry degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His passion through preaching is to promote the unmatched glory of God, the enduring sufficiency of the Word, and the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Andrew was called as an Elder in 2019.

  • Carol alfaro

    Carol has been a member of CrossPointe since 2011. She graduated from Western Baptists Bible College (currently known as Corban) in 1975. She taught in both private and public schools for nearly 27 years. She graduated from National University with a counseling degree in 2003. She has four children and thirteen grandchildren. She has been married to her husband for 13 years.

    Carol became CrossPointe's Lead Female Counselor in January of 2022. She is currently completing CrossPointe's Discipleship-Counseling Training (DCIT). Carol is also pursuing her certification with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). Carol loves her Savior and she loves ministering the Word of God to those who are struggling in the Cul-De-Sacs of life.

  • Win Avant

    Win has been a member of CrossPointe since January, 2020. Win has completed training at various levels with Pastor Matt Silva. He is currently completing CrossPointe's Discipleship Counseling Training Program (DCIT). Win is also pursuing his certification with the Association of Certified Biblical Counsleors (ACBC). Win loves the Word of God and the God of the Word. He enjoys helping people who are struggling in the Cul-De-Sacs of life.

Counselor in training program

Purpose: To equip members vetted by the Elders at CrossPointe Community Church (CPCC) to minister God’s Word to Saints, Sinners, and Sufferers stuck in the various Cul-De-Sacs of life. Counselors In Training (CIT) will learn how to provide God’s solutions to life’s problems.

Introduction: Discipleship Counseling at CrossPointe Community Church

A training that will introduce the Counselor In Training (CIT) to A Theology of Interpersonal Discipleship and to policies and procedures within the counseling ministry at CPCC. This class will consist of 8 weeks of training.


Level 1: Counseling Content - Expository Counseling Training Center

  • 76 weeks of training broken down into ten 7- Week segments and one optional 6-week segment that will cover over 200 hours of biblical counseling training
  • CIT’s will be required to read various books of the Bible in correspondence with the module they are studying.
  • CIT’s will memorize 20 Scripture verses to help develop their understanding of Scripture in correspondence to Biblical Counseling.
  • CIT’s will work on various counseling assignments to develop their skill in applying the Biblical Counseling methods to life issues.
  • CIT’s will observe 12 hours of biblical counseling through DVDs watched during the training sessions.

Expository Counseling Training Center

Required Reading Material

Level 2: Cul-De-Sac Concepts and Competencies

The course will also provide a systematic approach to counseling. Level 2 will consist of 28 weeks of training.

Level 3: Connecting with Real People

The Counselor In Training will complete 50 sessions (at least one hour length) of supervised counseling. Case report forms will be completed for each session and reviewed with your supervisor.

Level 4: Categories of Counseling

Training will also be available for graduates of CPCC’s CIT Program to pursue specialties in categories such as Crisis, Addictions, Mental Health, Domestic Abuse/Violence, Teens, Children, etc. 

Continuing Education for Graduates of CPCC’s CIT Program

The Counselor In Training will attend a North Creek Counseling Training conference. The first year will consist of an introduction to biblical counseling for those who are first time attenders and interested in growing in counseling and discipleship. This contributes 30 hours to the first phase of ACBC certification. Second year counselors in training will participate in the Advanced Tracks. Most of our CIT's are activity pursuing certification through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.

Northcreek Counseling Training (NCT) Website